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Your customers will always recognize the memorable “face” of your project. We will design the most sophisticated, user friendly and remarkable layout of your web platform.

Our front – end specialists will provide you with the best advice about the design of your project. We always recommend you to use our marketing strategy advice and to link your business conception to the most influencing layout (effects, colors, pictures and figures).

Next step will be to create a perfect bond between the website’s functions and its impressive look. In addition, we will make sure that your message reaches your clients in an equally splendid way through Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and different mobile devices.

We don’t make any exceptions concerning the high quality code we offer! At this stage we create the “heart” of your project which is the most exciting part of it.

Our customers can’t really see it, but it hits them as a feeling of comfort and security while enjoying the amazing strong and reliable platforms that we’ve constructed for them. Based on your necessities and requirements we will give you the most reliable professional advice with regard to the technology that shall be used for the platform of your success.

The wide range of programme technologies at our disposal can cover the development of simple and complex online solutions. We value sustainability and flexibility as we know that future development requires constant changes. Another of our specialties is the one year guarantee. During this period a row of sustainability and optimization check tests will be conducted without additional payment required.

Long term relations are always based on mutual trust. Trust, on the other hand, can’t exist without transparency. Try our “Trust me” system and follow the development process.

The high level of quality allows us not to hide “the secret recipe” from our clients. You will be granted access to our innovative process supervision programme immediately when the “construction” of your project is started.

We created this tool to show you exactly how we achieve the best results in our work. It includes time table and quality tests components providing a clear view of what is going on behind the curtains.

Accelerate your business

We do not consider our mission as complete before you actually meet new opportunities. Thus, the experts from our Marketing division will ensure that you get to the perfect position for achieving your goals.
High level of competition is the engine of the contemporary business development. Branding, advertising and web optimization are key prerequisites for sustainable growth. These tools will be used as a leverage to make your online platform outstanding.

Inspire your customers

Creative content solutions

Achieving incredible first sight impact over your clients is a sophisticated art. Our team will create the special bond between your vision and users’ attention which is crucial for your prosperity. Here is a brief overview of our content generating service’s structure:

  • Our first step will be to connect the bullet points in your business concept and to create clear picture of the vision that inspires your team to move forward;
  • Applying this picture in the context of your future customer target groups is the next stage of the project;
  • Based on the above, we will determine creative and effective approach towards the structure of the text;
  • The most exciting fourth step is to transfer your inspiration for the services and/or products you offer within an influencing and impressive text;
  • Text’s efficiency will be tested and the final version will be applied to your website / brochure/ calendar or leaflet;

Great quality and remarkable impact are the main aims of this procedural structure. We create a stylish mixture between the essence of your philosophy and unconventional marketing approach. Therefore, you can focus on your business development strategy and reach the limits of its potential.

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